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Graphic Design


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MAR. - OCT. 2018


Infographics designed to emphasize specific trends in data; published alongside editorial content. All charts/graphs were published and distributed by TBR News Media during 2018.

Preservation of Historical Sites
Town of Brookhaven

The timeline was designed to be readable at a glance with months listed clearly along the X axis and color coded markers for each event.

Student Enrollment
Suffolk County

A bar chart was used to display changes in student enrollment rates in different cities throughout Suffolk County.

Housing Budget Breakdown
Town of Huntington

A box-and-whisker chart was used in order to visualize differences in funding allocations by category.

Violent Crime, Drug Statistics Town of Brookhaven

I utilized simple bar charts with clear labeling to communicate the most relevant trends from the dataset (provided by the Suffolk County Police Department).

Disposable Grocery Bag Usage Suffolk County – 2017 vs 2018

Two color coded pie charts represent the contrasting datasets from 2017 and 2018. A simple graphic was used to create visual emphasis on the main data point (+37.82% usage of recyclable bags).